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Our insiders are global. But, our travel assistance service is available in LA and SF only. We currently have limited support in surrounding areas. However:

In Santa Barbara, one of our insiders is offering a special service to give a guided tour of Lotusland and surrounding area. Lotusland is important historically and it is named one of the top 10 best master gardens in the world! Please inquire for more details if interested.

Single Trip Plan includes:

  • Local booking/reservation

  • Personalized recommendation

  • Access to Voyadi Experiences and Events based on your interests

  • Per Trip Fee: $199

VIP Membership includes:

  • Travel assistance

  • Personalized recommendation

  • Access to Voyadi VIP Experiences and Events based on your interests

  • Personalized trip planning (4 plans/year)

  • Yearly fee: $699

Not ready to sign up. But, just need some help or have some questions.


We believe travel is a transformative experience.  We help global travelers to pressbeyond the ordinary, whether from visiting extraordinary destinations, exploring authentic experiences, connecting with remarkable people, to immersing oneself with local culture.  Many travel destinations are accessible by anyone, but only Voyadi offers intimate experiences through hand selected insiders. 

Many of insiders can offer custom experiences depending on your interests and availability. We offer a wide range of experience from visiting historical sites, iconic architectures, elite universities, and museums, to fashion shopping, sailing, or horseback riding. Let us know your interests when you sign up.