# Passion Project, formally known as Blue Wonder Books, is a brain child of Banian Labs. We published children books as our own passion project beside building a tech company. Throughout our experience, we realize how challenging and how costly it is for an entry indie artist to publish their own books. The truth is there is always the first time for everyone!   Given our experience in book making, we decided to help first time illustrators and artists with publishing their very first book.  The result is truly fulfilling from the very beginning to seeing their work comes to life!  For the artists and illustrators, we are glad that they are able to focus on creativity while we help them with the mundane tasks of booking publishing. 

At #passion project, we want to utilize our technology and resource to help as many artists as possible.  Starting in 2017, we are donating all profits to help sponsor young local artists.  If you are a creative young artists with a passion to share positive energy with the world.  Please don't hesitate to contact our team with your passion project ideas: team@banianlabs.com. 

What you bring to #Passion Project:  creativity, positive energy, and your work!

What we bring to #Passion Project:  book production, shipping, customer service, selling via our online store.   Once your book gets enough demand, we will help you will ISBN to sell on Amazon.   

This is only the very beginning of our journey!  We will never stop dreaming with you.