I have been living in LA for over 30 years now.   I have had such an amazing journey working with some the best people in the industry from oscar winners, top directors, to indie filmmakers. What is so interesting at this point in time is that Hollywood and China are definitely eyeing each other very closely.   Many Chinese are traveling here. I see a seemingly insatiable appetite to know more about the entertainment business. I think my experience, especially because I am familiar with the Chinese industry as well, could be very enlightening for some people. I would love to take you on that journey to see beyond the glamor of the industry.  I want to help demystified Hollywood. I love to bring you into my world through Voyadi.


Hollywood and China

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When it comes to Los Angeles and China, there is no better way to experience it than having Janet by your side.  Let us know where you are going and we can help make your trip extraordinary!

About Janet Yang

Throughout her life, Ms Yang has distinguished herself by serving as a key link to bringing the creative and business worlds together, as well as by bridging East and West.   As a film producer, Yang has worked with some of the most formidable directors and actors in the world, as well as discovering unique, often unheard voices and stories, and bringing them into mainstream.   She is a Golden Globe and Emmy winning Producer, and is best known for such seminal works as Joy Luck Club and People vs. Larry Flynt, and many others. 

About Voyadi Experience

We believe travel is a transformative experience.  We help our members to go beyond the ordinary from visiting extraordinary destinations, exploring authentic experiences, connecting with remarkable people, to immersing oneself with local culture.  Many travel destinations are accessible by anyone but only Voyadi offers intimate curated experience through hand-selected insiders.  The experience that we offer is unique and the serendipity encounters makes it truly memorable.