Janet Yang   Film Producer, Entrepreneur, and Cultural Ambassador

Janet Yang

Film Producer, Entrepreneur, and Cultural Ambassador

Master Course with Janet Yang

In collaboration with The Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival and Chinese in Entertainment, we are bringing you a special master course on Hollywood by Janet Yang. You don’t want to miss it!

In this introductory master course, Ms. Yang will de-mystify the process of producing and what it takes to become a Hollywood producer by leveraging her Chinese heritage and her experience in America. We will learn from the many hurdles that she faced in producing the pioneering movie, Joy Luck Club. We will hear her insight on the current market and what has changed since the debut of Crazy Rich Asians.

Ms. Yang will touch on many different aspects of producing from uncovering interesting ideas, budgeting, finding investment, business planning, casting, marketing, to distribution. At the end of this lecture, we will provide lunch and a valuable opportunity to engage with Ms. Yang.


For over 30 years, Ms. Yang has distinguished herself by serving as a key link to bringing the creative and business worlds together, as well as by bridging East and West.  As a film producer, Ms. Yang has worked with some of the most formidable directors and actors in the world, as well as discovering unique, often unheard voices and stories, and bringing them into the mainstream.  She is a Golden Globe and Emmy winning Producer, and is best known for such seminal works as JOY LUCK CLUB and PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT, and many others. 

DATE: November 4th


11am - 12pm           Lecture by Janet Yang

12pm - 1:30pm      Group Lunch and Discussion

LOCATION: Santa Monica


  • Market changes since Joy Luck Club

  • Intro to becoming a producer

  • Many insights and tips


About Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival

The Master Course with Janet Yang is offered as part of the training camp during the 2018 Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival. This year festival will continue the model of last year with three major components: exhibition, industry forum and VIP party. This year's film festival has the honor to invite the "Walking Past the Future" to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival as its opening film. Director Li Ruizhen will also attend the Q&A session after the filming. In addition, more than 10 other short-listed filmmakers will also be present. Confirmed guests include Mr. Rong Rong, President of Perfect World Pictures; Mike Gabrawy, Chief Creative Officer of Arc Light Films, and Executive Producer of The Meg. Randy Greenburg; and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Jessica Gao.

To learn more about LACFF, please follow this link.

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The Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival, hosted by the Los Angeles Chinese Film and Television Federation, is the only film festival in the Los Angeles area for Chinese independent films. It aims to promote and promote high-quality Chinese and films related to Chinese culture, thus promoting cultural exchange and dissemination. Every year, the film festival is open to the world, and through independent film screenings, industry forums, workshops, social events, etc., it is committed to presenting the most powerful, unique, most aesthetically pleasing and free-spirited Chinese movies of the year to Los Angeles. And the audience and filmmakers in North America strive to provide a fair platform for high-quality Chinese movies based on the value of art, and create a cradle for independent Chinese image creation.