Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

Los Angeles has more variety than San Francisco when it comes to food due to its diversity in culture and its size. LA is 4 times the size of SF in terms of population. LA has the best ethnic food in the country! The next closest is New York. Many of these places requires reservation ahead of time.

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Voyadi Picks - Food

Crown Room Brunch

Crown Room has one of the best brunches in the area. The food might not be comparable to Michelin Star restaurants. But, the view next to the ocean more than make up for it. In addition, Hotel del Coronado is legendary because of the story between Marilyn Monroe and J.F. Kennedy.

Specialty: Brunch Buffet

Location: San Diego

Kettner Exchange

Considered one of the best in Little Italy. Chef Brian Redzikowski was trained in upscale Japanese kitchens after Culinary Institute of America.

Specialty: New American

Location: San Diego

Born & Raised

Two-Michelin Stars executive chef Jason McLeod won the 2017 San Diego’s Eater Awards for both food and design. This luxury steakhouse is one of the most expensive projects in San Diego and it shows the moment you step inside.

Specialty: Steak

Location: San Diego

Menya Ultra Ramen

We have never seen so much hype around a bowl of ramen until Japanese master chef Takashi Endo turned this into the best in America. It’s worth a try to see if you agree.

Specialty: Japanese Ramen

Location: San Diego

Lucky’s Steakhouse

As soon as you arrive Santa Barbara, you will quickly realize that the food is very different from what you are used to in Asia. Lucky’s is one of local favorites including Oprah Winfrey and Dennis Miller. If you don’t know them, never mind.

Specialty: Steak

Location: Santa Barbara


It is not Michelin Star level. But, if you are looking for a romantic restaurant with excellent food, this is the place for you.

Specialty: French

Location: Santa Barbara

Brophy Bros

Baked oysters, clam chowders, and the view!

Specialty: Seafood

Location: Santa Barbara

The Shop Kitchen

If you want to be hip like the locals in Santa Barbara, this is an awesome casual cafe for brunch overlooking the Santa Ynez Mountain. When we say casual, we meant it - California style.

Specialty: American Brunch

Cold Spring Tavern

We wouldn’t come because of the food, but because of the atmosphere. Founded in 1886, this was a stop for stagecoaches and the Pony Express, but now it is a hangout spot for locals, bikers, and celebrities.  They are supposed to have really good traditional American food (i.e. Buffalo, Wild Boar, Elk, Pheasant, Rabbit, and Venison and awesome live music! 

Specialty: American

Location: Santa Barbara

Bistro Na’s

One of our all time favorites in LA for Northern Chinese Cuisine. If you are craving for Chinese food while in CA, we highly recommend this one.

Specialty: Chinese

Location: Los Angeles


If you love caviar, you must make a stop at Petrossian. It is highly recommended by Ellen and Peter, owners of Farmer’s Daugther, in Los Angeles.

Specialty: French Caviar

Location: Los Angeles


Michelin 2 Stars

Spago is named the most iconic LA restaurant in 2013 according to Zagat. If you are looking for the ultimate LA dining experience, try this!


Another iconic LA restaurant with excellent food and the location along the beach is unbeatable. It is a great place to hang out and enjoy the ambience.

Specialty: Sushi

Location: Los Angeles

Border Grill

Owner Susan Feniger is a celebrated chef, author, and entrepreneur who has made history in the restaurant industry. In 2013, Susan along with her partner Mary Sue were awarded the Elizabeth Burns Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2014, they were inducted into the 2014 Menu Masters Hall of Fame. Susan is known for starring in the cooking show Too Hot Tamales. If you see Susan, tell her you were referred by Voyadi and she will take good care of you.

Specialty: Mexican

Location: Los Angeles

Voyadi Picks - Destinations

These are not your typical tourist destinations. These are but a sample of unique places, often off the beaten path, that are recommended by our community of passionate travelers.

Hotel Del Coronado

This Victorian Hotel, built in 1187, is one of America’s Largest Hotels of this significant architectural style remain in America. The hotel has hosted several US Presidents including JF. Kennedy.

Location: San Diego

Balboa Park

It is one of the most photographed spots in San Diego because of its dramatic building and stunning beauty.

Location: San Diego

USS Midway Museum

This decommissioned aircraft carrier-turned-museum is one of the top ten museums in the country!

Location: San Diego

Ganna Walska LotusLand

Named one of the top 10 best gardens in the world! A true garden master piece designed by opera diva and socialite Madame Ganna Walska in 1941. The garden itself is impressive and the architecture design is stunning! It is a must see in San Diego. But, advance reservation is needed to get in.

Location: Santa Barbara

Knapp’s Castle

Built in 1916 by George Knapp, founder of Union Carbide.  In 1940, only five weeks after Knapp had sold the posh grounds a forest fire raged through the grounds, utterly destroying all but the stone skeleton of the structure.  If you are looking for a magical backdrop for your photos or hoping to get some of Knapp's luck, this is the place to go.

Location: Santa Barbara

Salt Cave

Salt Cave is an underground cave that offers relaxation sessions, massages, and even yoga classes.  The salt in the wall, roof, ground, and air is meant to help the skin, body, and lungs!

Location: Santa Barbara

Coronado Butterfly Preserve

Offers one of the most spectacular hikes in Santa Barbara, stretching along the ocean among a grove of eucalyptus trees.  Inside, the Ellwood Main Monarch Grove is best-known for the migrating Monarch butterflies that arrive between October and December each year.

We only recommend this if you like nature and hiking!

Location: Santa Barbara

The Huntington

The Huntington is a historic estate that includes The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. It is the only library in the world with the first two quartos of Hamlet; it holds the manuscript of Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, Isaac Newton′s personal copy of his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica with annotations in Newton′s own hand, the first seven drafts of Henry David Thoreau's Walden, John James Audubon's Birds of America, and first editions and manuscripts from authors such as Charles Bukowski, Jack London, Alexander Pope, William Blake, Mark Twain, and William Wordsworth.

Location: Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

If you are in LA area, you must make a stop at this iconic landmark where many movies have been made here including LALA Land. The architectural design is stunning. The view of LA skyline is spectacular especially around sunset. The astrophysics inside the building is among the best in the world.

Location: Los Angeles

Chateau Marmont

This established celebrity hangout on the Sunset Strip as famous for its discretion as it is for its long history of celebs behaving badly here. It is a great place for afternoon tea and just enjoy the ambience.

Location: Los Angeles

The Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel is the iconic hotel in LA where “guests are entitled to the best of everything, regardless of costs.” The Polo Lounge is the perfect place for afternoon tea followed by shopping at the famous Rodeo Drive.


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