The Center SF

The Center SF

What's The Center all about?

The Center was created by Michael Latronica and three other people from The Convent, a year after they started that space. The idea was to start a collective living space with an event space, and to bring in spiritually minded folks that created a conscious, intentional living space upstairs. Whatever happened downstairs would be based on that same concept of personal transformation, spiritual transformation and social transformation.

It's intended to be a hub for workshops and classes, and to serve as a community event space related to all these ideas. 

A little more knowing of the Convent:

Originally from Langhorn, Pa., Latronica first moved to San Francisco 21 years ago, in a '77 Volkswagen camper. By the end of his first year in the city, he'd started his first communal art space, located above a pizza shop.

Several years later, he started The Blue Studio, located in the Mission's Thrift Town building. He ran that space for eight years, ultimately expanding it to a 22,000-square-foot arts complex that housed 70 artists at a time.

Near the end of his tenure at The Blue Studio, Latronica met the owner of a former convent on Oak Street and its connected church center on Fillmore Street, who had an office in the Thrift Town building. The owner offered Latronica the opportunity to transform the two spaces into a large-scale communal live/work space for artists in the city, and The Convent/The Center was born. 

What makes it a Voyadi Spot?

Michael Latronica's passion and purpose to build a sustainable community for artist and spiritual minded people are impactful! The Center SF is as subtle as the name can tell you. A low-key place you can enjoy a variety of cool classes( meditation, yoga, Kongfu, and massage therapy, etc), and a communal space to kick back to savor high quality tea and drinks. Some of our voyadi members mentioned they took a 2 hours chakra healing class with following tea ritual was amazing experience.