Farmer's Daughter Hotel



Farmers Daughter Hotel is an icon in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles where you will find : The Original Los Angeles Farmers Market, The Grove CBS, skate culture, great dinning, 3rd street clothing boutiques and an endless bounty of opportunity for your senses.

Originally opened in the 1960s, The Farmer’s Daughter was a destination for starry-eyed travelers and locals alike, then became somewhat of a “no-tell motel” after the 1970s. In 1997, as the area revitalized, William and Lorna Cho purchased the hotel. In 1999, the Cho’s daughter Ellen and her husband Peter Picataggio took over, fully remodeling it to offer guests a one-of-a-kind “home away from home” with approachable and thoughtful service mixed with a sophisticated yet charming aesthetic. The duo created a whimsical brand to tell the story of a young country girl through playful design, handcrafted touchpoints and curated art. In 2016, The Farmer’s Daughter underwent a facelift and in February 2017, unveiled the young country girl’s next chapter through a property-wide redesign.

For its current redesign, Owner Ellen Picataggio collaborated with designer Meg Joannides of MLK Studio on the renovations to The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel rooms and the courtyard. Combining Picataggio’s art-driven approach with Joannides’ refined designs, the duo brought a new element to the hotel, while still maintaining the original, vintage 1960s feel. Each King guest room features a custom made, one-of-a-kind installation box, each by a different artist, showing their interpretation of the “farmer’s daughter” lifestyle. Picataggio worked closely with Los Angeles designers and longtime artist friends in their community, such as Vermont artist Jesse Azarian, to incorporate local, handmade artwork throughout the hotel. Among design highlights are an Art-o-mat, a former cigarette machine that was converted to vend custom-made art pieces and is one of 139 in the country. SHOP, the lobby boutique, features a variety of curated merchandise such as leather handbags, belts, dresses, lounge wear and scarves, create by local designers.

Distinctly individual fiercely independent always adhering to what an independent boutique brand is all about – Unique Experience – friendly, honest, & generous reception.


What makes it a Voyadi Spot?

It is remarkable to see the transformation of Farmer’s Daughter from a “no-tell motel” in the 70s to one of the coolest and hippest boutique hotels in Los Angeles today.   The best way to describe it: “distinctly individual and fiercely independent.”  Owners Ellen and Peter Picataggio have taken an art-driven approach to redesign every element of the hotel while honoring its colorful history and origin.  In collaboration with local artists, designers, and makers, Farmer’s Daughter is distinctively different and authentically local to Los Angeles.   The result is inspirational!   It is not just a hotel, it’s an unique experience, a creative community, and an amazing story!  If you are looking for the authentic Los Angeles experience, start with Ellen and Peter!