The Edison

"Experience an Era of Dreams and Imagination from the 1920s as you lose yourself within this vaulting lounge situated stories beneath Historic Downtown Los Angeles.   The Edison offers one of the world's most unique spaces in which to enjoy hand crafted cocktails and fine food while you imagine the possibilities!  The Edison represents a must see attraction for those in search of an era of Glamour, Intrigue, and Fantasy."  Discover Los Angeles.

space was originally a state of the art power plant.  It was built by Thomas Higgins, a copper baron from Arizona who wanted to build the most advanced building in Los Angeles at the time.  He wanted high speed electrical elevators, filtered water, electric lights, and every modern convenience.   Unfortunately, this was 7 years before LA's power system was set up.  So, he built the entire plant in the subbasement of the building.   He chose a site in Downtown Los Angeles in an area that later became known as Wall Street West, and envisioned it as the center of a new modern downtown. 

What makes it a Voyadi Spot?

The Edison is called "the living history in Downtown Los Angeles".  It is meticulously designed by Andrew Meieran, real estate developer and moviemaker, with love for history and drive for creative and physical exploration.   The Edison is a perfect blend of many styles including Victorian (1837-1901), Art Deco (1920s and 1930s), Art Nouveau (1890s), and Gothic (1920's).  As Andrew described why he chose this location, "I wanted someplace that could have been in the world of Blade Runner.  I wanted a romantic and nostalgic space that looked back at the exuberance of the past (1920s) as well as the future of technology and invention.  This place was a perfect mixture of Jules Verne, industrial decay; a peek into the past with a hint of their vision of the future."   In addition to the Edison, Andrew also rehabilitated and restored Clifton's Cafeteria, a legendary eatery from the 1930s.