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The Insider’s view of Los Angeles is like a magic bottle—only we can open it. A Voyadi Insider shows you the way to an emotional connection with your destination that is as rich in spirit as it is posh in accommodations.
— Felix Etienne-Edouard Pfeifle, Architect and Cultural Historian



Los Angeles is indescribably unique among world cities. To the visitor, it is a city without a contextual weave, so really (truly) it is the local inhabitant—our Insider—who can show you the tapestry of LA richness, from the ocean and surf culture, to Hollywood and Disneyland, and to world class opera and architecture beyond. Over tea or drinks with our Insider you can gain insight to maximize your visit for flow of experience, reduced stress, and another level of delight not available on one’s own or through one tour here and one tour there.


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L.A. Moderne

In the entire world few cities compare with the range of modern architecture to be found in Los Angeles--from its marvels of art deco design of the 1920-1930s--to its radical glass and steel buildings of the 1960s. The freedom to experiment is a hallmark of California and that tradition carries forth today in the architecture of Los Angeles.

Participants will learn about the architectural history of Los Angeles and to see some of most iconic architectures in the area. After this experience, you will never look at LA the same way before.

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Rules of the Game

Private Dinner — Understanding the social dance of etiquette—manners—occupies a vast realm of traditions, rituals, and practices, but nothing encapsulates it all as well as gathering around a table for a meal. Felix Pfeifle eases participants into a dinner party, to which he invites some of his own friends for their refined cultural knowledge and charming conversation.

The participant discovers the Western tradition of “cocktail hour,” the ritual of the upper classes over drinks and hors d’oeuvres. This is the hour in which, over a drink—whether alcoholic or not—guests greet each other and make “small talk,” that sometimes awkward experience of engaging others for light conversation charming enough to keep one’s attention, but not too deep that having to cut it when dinner is called leaves others with a cliff hanger in mid-air. The cocktail hour segment of the lesson, learned best by observing Felix Pfeifle, teaches one how to handle a drink and hors d’oeuvres at once, while in conversation, in addition to having a sense of how to enter a conversation and to exit it graciously.

At dinner Felix Pfeifle and his friends, drawn from the most cultivated corners of Los Angeles, regale participants with conversation of cultural life in California. Throughout, of course, is a lesson in example by Felix Pfeifle in how to eat everything before one, how to use the silver, hold the crystal. More important, it is incumbent upon every participant to challenge oneself toward contributing to the conversation at the table, for this is what guarantees invitations to the best tables in Western culture (not your pedigree and not your celebrity status, but your charm in conversation).


Shopping Spree

Participants will experience the famous Rodeo Drive, known in Los Angeles for his flawless good taste in clothes (among his other discriminating sensibilities). Not merely does Voyadi insider takes you in and out of the most dazzling stores of Los Angeles, she paves the way for you, showing you the direction through the places of utmost elegance--true bastions of the American elite. Voyadi insider takes advantage of her friendships within a number of the fashion houses to show you the secrets of LA as well -- some so exclusive no tourist anywhere is likely to know of them.



For those seeking something different yet, let us know what you need and how we can help tailor any of our experiences for you or your group. We are glad to help!