I would love to take you on a journey to see beyond the glamour of Hollywood. Through Voyadi insiders, we can gain a new perspective and a new way to understand the world.
— Janet Yang, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, and Cultural Ambassador



Los Angeles is indescribably unique among world cities. To the visitor, it is a city without a contextual weave, so really (truly) it is the local inhabitant—our Insider—who can show you the tapestry of LA richness, from the ocean and surf culture, to Hollywood and Disneyland, and to world class opera and architecture beyond. Over tea or drinks with our Insider you can gain insight to maximize your visit for flow of experience, reduced stress, and another level of delight not available on one’s own or through one tour here and one tour there.


Inside Hollywood

Through this full-day master course, participants will get to learn directly from Golden Globe and Emmy-winning Producer, Janet Yang. She will share with you her unique insights based on her experience from both Chinese and American perspective. At the end of the lectures, we will have opportunities to spend more time with her. Depending on availability and timing, she will take us behind the scenes on movie sets, give us a peek inside filming studios, or invite us to private Hollywood events. You never know where she might take you!

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Intro to Hollywood

Golden Globe and Emmy-winning Producer, Janet Yang, will be giving a lecture on the ins and outs of Hollywood. For those interested in learning about the entertainment industry, this half-day event would be a great place to start!



For those seeking for something different, let us know what you need and how we can help tailor any of our experiences for you or your group. We are glad to help!