Los Angeles is indescribably unique among world cities. To the visitor, it is a city without a contextual weave, so really (truly) it is the local inhabitant—our Insider—who can show you the tapestry of LA richness, from the ocean and surf culture, to Hollywood and Disneyland, and to world class opera and architecture beyond. Over tea or drinks with our Insider you can gain insight to maximize your visit for flow of experience, reduced stress, and another level of delight not available on one’s own or through one tour here and one tour there.



Civility Training

THE FELIX AUSTRIA SCHOOL OF CIVILITY serves the children of Los Angeles and is the new and unique authority on practices of civilized behavior in the internet age--we take it out of ossified dance halls and classrooms and into the field (LIFE), where we practice principles of good manners as we go. The Felix Austria School curriculum emphasizes “civility,” because before there can be refinement in social engagement, one must be aware of and attentive to the needs and desires of others around oneself--and to act with sincerity.

By remaining socially alert, we make the world around us easier for others and thereby easier for ourselves. From this base of civilized behavior, we can move on to the more refined nuances of etiquette at play during dinner parties and ceremonies, for example (to which we're not invited unless we demonstrate the simplest expressions of civility first).

Grounded in the realities of California-living amid its brilliant ethnic diversity and the clipped and distracted pace of the internet age, The Felix Austria School also draws from the storied richness of etiquette in Vienna and the tried-and-true principles of America's great Emily Post.

Join us for a half day excursion to various exhibitions happening around the city!


West vs East

The East and the West has vastly different parenting style resulting in very different mindset. California is known for creativity and innovation. It is also being reflected in the way we do parenting here. Did you know that the famous Marshmallow Experiment was conducted at Stanford in the late 60s? The experiment shows an interesting correlation between delayed gratification and later success in life. In addition, Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford published the seminal book, Mindset, in 2006 based on decades of research on personality and success. It has influenced the way we raise kids in California. Join us for a special dinner along with some of our insiders to talk about parenting, education, or college admission! It will help to improve the way you raise kids.


University Visit

Some of the best of the best universities in the world are based in California from Stanford, Cal Tech, Berkeley, UCLA, to USC. The best way to inspire your children is to take them on campus, to meet with students or alum, and to let them experience it first hand. Along this journey, you will also get a better understanding of the admission process and what it takes to get into top schools. It will leave your children inspired!



For those seeking for something different, let us know what you need and how we can help tailor any of our experiences for you or your group. We are glad to help!